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Welcome to the short-stay hotel "De Bank" Harlingen

There's no place like home, but we're getting very close

Short-stay hotel "De Bank" is a historical building on the Noorderhaven in Harlingen, consisting of a number of luxurious apartments, designed for tourists and businesspeople who want somewhere to stay for a few nights or perhaps longer. Forget about staying in a small hotel room. We provide spacious apartments with great service. A hotel experience with a homely feel.

Latest covid-19 update: Restaurants are closed, ofcourse in our rooms you can prepare meals yourself, but if there are days you don't feel like it, you can order the finest meals at the local restaurants, they deliver at your door. A list with restaurants is placed in your room.

Independent check-in You will receive a check-in code for the hotel entrance.
Toiletries, towels, and linen All the essentials have been provided to make your stay as comfortable as possible!
Professional cleaning Because a good apartment, is a clean apartment!

Harlingen's greatest hotel experience at a wonderful location.

Each designer apartment in De Bank is named after a world currency, and the decor in each room takes inspiration from the currency's country of origin. The apartments consist of full bathrooms, bedrooms, and have kitchens and appliances such as washing machines and dryers. These apartments can accommodate from one to six people.

Experience the city like a local

Short-stay means that a visit can last from anywhere between one night to a maximum of 12 months. This means that De Bank offers flexible services to both tourists and business travellers. De Bank is ideal for people who want to experience Harlingen and the surrounding area on a weekend away, a holiday, or a business trip.

De Bank has been awarded the Waddengoud seal!

Waddengoud (Wadden Gold) is the seal of approval for products and services in the Wadden region. Waddengoud guarantees that the products are from this area and are produced sustainably. The services offer a unique Wadden-experience. Naturally, Harlingen takes up a special place in this outstanding world heritage area.