Business Deals

For our Business guests 

Dear traveler,

If you have work-related trips to Harlingen, and you want to stay for a longer period?

Than our Hotel De Bank, in the centre of Harlingen, is the perfect place to stay, a luxery and spacious apartment with a separated bedroom, complete kitchen, wifi, breakfast, places to park, and a lot more advantages.

And because of the constantly changed COVID-19 restrictions, you don't want to spend your freetime in a small hotelroom right ? 

Latest covid-19 update: Restaurants are closed, ofcourse in our rooms you can prepare meals yourself, but if there are days you don't feel like it, you can order the finest meals at the local restaurants, they deliver at your door. A list with restaurants is placed in your room.

The price shown in the ad is an excample for a 14 nights stay in one of our luxery rooms.

Don't Select a period but click on check availability and make a choice between the different possibilities, after that you can choose a date

Please contact us, so we can make you a offer that could fit in your plans.

mail:  tel: + 31 621920988